Rife Machine New Technology Bio resonance therapy device


The Rife Machine so compact and portable you can take it almost anywhere.  For decades everyone was asking for a compact easy to use Rife Machine, now it is here and available for you.

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2020 Physical therapy devices low-frequency rife technology bioresonance therapy device

What is Bio resonance Therapy?

You could just say it is a Portable Rife Machine.  This device output low frequency electromagnetic therapy.  We cannot tell you it will prevent or cure diseases any disease, however rife technology is now being used throughout the world in the medical field.

Who Was Royal Rife?

It’s ironic that Royal Rife was run out of business and his laboratory destroyed by fire where researchers were on the verge of announcing an astonishing success using the Beam Ray.   In 1944, all of his records at USC disappeared.  There are many stories from individuals since Royal Rife’s frequency discovering about how rife technology has cured or improved the health of the user.  Read The Royal Rife Story Here

2020 Physical therapy devices low-frequency rife technology bioresonance therapy device

What is the theory of Behind This Rife Device?

The Rife Device produces electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity to naturally improve health.  When our cells oscillate at the correct frequency our health can improve dramatically.

Product Description

Rife therapy by electromagnetic oscillations resonates with the body making us feel better and improving our health like taking a super vitamin pill.  Uses include the improvement of  your health and immune system, and many testify that it has even prevented diseases.  The oscillations are created, thus corresponding to the healthy cells and organs resulting in neutralization of pathological oscillations that are emitted by ill cells and tissues, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

2020 Physical therapy devices low-frequency rife technology bioresonance therapy device

Rife Device has been used for the following cases. 

Diseases of central organs, central nervous system and sense organs, different pains, pain syndromes of various localization’s and genesis.  Some have used it for cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system.  We have read many stories on its us to treat the urinary system, injuries, benign tumors, cancerous tumors, transplanted organs, epilepsy, central nervous system, mental disorders and ulcers.

Color Black
Size 10.5*8.5*1cm
Frequency 1-10k Hz
Language English, Arabic, Filipino, French, Japanese, Korea, Indonesia
Application Clinics, Family, Therapists
Function Low frequency therapy devices
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (mainland)
Brand name SSCH

Rife Machine Options

The device has a huge database programmed treatment sets.  There is an option to pause between programs, thus allowing a person to pick up where they were. There is another option to set the time of frequency for each program separately.  You may create and edit your own programs.  

Can Be Used Most Anywhere

The best part of this portable Rife Machine is that you can do whatever you like for example you can watch television or movies, read books & novels, do office work, surf the internet, listening to the music and data entries during the therapy.  Functions not only as a medical therapeutic device but also as a fully functioning android tablet too.   Safe, non – invasive.

2020 Physical therapy devices low-frequency rife technology bioresonance therapy device2020 Physical therapy devices low-frequency rife technology bioresonance therapy device

Additional information

Brand Name






Item Type

Massage & Relaxation

Model Number



Low Frequency Electromagnetic Therapy


Tablet PC

Touch Screen

TFT Display

Powerful processor

Dual Core ARM V.7, 2 cores 1.5 GHZ


8 GB, support external SD card

Power of antenna

500 mW


≥ 1300 kinds of type

Wi-Fi module





1 year




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