Knee Pads Magnetic Therapy Knee Pain Relief Arthritis Supports Patella

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Knee Pads with magnets can give arthritis relief and supports the patella.
Guaranteed therapy and Support of the knees or your money refunded.  See Sizes Below.
The Magnet Therapy not only increases the amount of negative ions, it also improves blood circulation.

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Knee Pads and Magnets Use Today

A practice using magnets to reduce pain along with helping other health concerns.  Magnets are integrated into bracelets, rings, clothing, including magnetic mattresses.  Magnets are claimed to help immunity, therefore that would include protection from Covid-19. 

Using The Knee Pads

1.  The skin gradually feels hot, after that there is a needle-like feel.  Use twice a day for about 3 hours each time.
2.  Some may have light burning and redness when using, however this is normal.
3. The effect is similar to acupuncture, therefore along with the heat there is pain relief. 

Product Features:

1. The knee pads are high quality materials and also safe and comfortable to wear.
2. It helps to improve blood circulation, even more it can enhance immunity.
3. Soft self-adhesive pad, high elasticity, easy to go up and down.
4. Firstly it can relieve local fatigue, secondly pain along with reduced swelling.
5. Suitable for people with joint pain, arthritis,  and leg muscle pain.  Also helps protect your knees while doing daily activities and health care.
6. Knee Pad has more magnets and thicker fabric, subsequently giving more protection.
Contained packaging:
1 x pair of tourmaline self-heating knee support
M (Suitable for Leg Circumference: 33-40 cm, that is 13.0-15.7 inch.
L (Suitable for Leg Circumference: 40-46 cm, that is 15.7-18.1 inch.
XL (Suitable for Leg Circumference: 46-52 cm, Equals 18.1-20.5 inch.
The color of the item may differ slightly from the picture.  Allow slight dimensional differences due to different manual measurements
we have more magnets, thicker fabrics and more effective protection.
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Additional information

Weight N/A
Brand Name


Model Number

19-Knee pad B11


Bone Care

Item Type

Braces & Supports


stretch fabric + magnet + tourmaline

Product Name

Tourmaline self-heating

Kneepad type

knee support knee


knee protector


1 pair of self-heating pads




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