Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation Tens Unit For Muscles and Arthritis

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Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation for protection from viruses and disease. Frequency generator based on rife technology. Portable unit works with adapter & battery power.  Building the immune system up not only will help protect you from disease, you will also feel better.

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Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation

Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation is not the only mode, there are 8 modes including an acupuncture mode in this tens unit.   New generation product for ailments including, lowering blood pressure in accordance with theory of traditional Chinese meridians.   There are seven therapeutic options, including slow stroke, stroke, massage, acupuncture scrapping and cupping.  Can be charged with the adapter and also used independently with batteries.   The corona-virus threat is very real and one way to fight it is to build your immune system.

Tens Unit Muscle Stimulation

Tens Muscle Stimulation device has seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly of effect the body surface.  The acupuncture needle generates a stimulus that can have anti-inflammation effect by hitting the sympathetic nerves.  You can use the device anywhere, including home, work or when doing sports.  Perfect for stiff neck, muscles or when arthritis pain develops.  This Tens Electrotherapy Muscle & Immune Stimulation is a great price and has many options for personal use.  Take it with when you go fishing, hunting, boating or relaxing at the beach.

Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation and Tens Muscle Stimulation

Immune stimulation not only help fight disease, it will also create a feeling of well being.  The theory is that all living things have different frequencies and therefore need Stimulation.  The therapeutic programs effect the body surface like an acupuncture needle.  Do you have and of the following: stiff shoulder, neural paralysis, or neuralgia?  What about whole body fatigue, stomach ache, neck ache, arthritis or toothache?  Or, maybe just energy failure, weak sexual ability or irregular menstruation?  This Electrotherapy Immune Stimulation Device may be for you if any of these conditions exist with you!

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Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Brand Name






Model Number


Product name

8-mode electronic therapy massager


dc4.5V,3AAA batteries (not included)



Powe consumption

less than 180mw



Life of battery

45 hours


8 mode


15 levels

Strength 15 levels Time

5/10/15 minutes

Power supply

Plug in / battery


2* 4-way wires


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