Basic Rife Machine Software

$49.97 $39.77

Use most any Windows computer with this rife machine software.  Money Back Guarantee, Shipping & Returns

Confused about which Rife Machine Generator Software to order, read “Help Me Decide”  in the description below.

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  • Rife Amplifier 200-Watt Dual Channels


      Rife Amplifier 200-Watt Dual Channels Rife Amplifier Low price with high quality materials. The most cost-effective rife amplifier you can find on the market.  Delivers 100 Watts per channel, plus up to 4 electrodes can run at one time. Not only super mini size, also simple compact design, practical and powerful.  Hi-Fi Clear and high sound quality with […]


    Rife Machine Hardware Package

    $74.99 $49.77

    Items included: for one price $65.77. You will get Two Stainless Steel Electrodes with anti-roll ends with plastic electrode end covers, Computer to Stereo wiring and Stereo to Electrodes wiring set. (electrodes may come in different styles and materials)


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Turn your home computer into a rife machine in 15 minutes.  Instant Download

Works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista. or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10 (MAC Computers not supported)

Why You Should Choose this Software?

  • You can create your scripts and save it to the database. 
  • Frequency pulsating option.
  • Sweep Option
  • In stereo mode you can run 4 electrodes. (two sets)
  • Change computers anytime.
  • Run on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista. or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10 (MAC Computers not supported)
  • The Basic software allows 1 computer usage. 
  • Instant Download upon purchase
  • Use in the privacy of your home
  • Professional Setup Support if needed. (Setup Instruction Video upon purchase )
  • The Software can be used for sound therapy…Just install the software and Listen! 
rife hardware

Rife Machine Hardware  

The hardware can be bundled with the order at the top of this page.  Two electrodes, computer to electrodes wire and stereo to electrodes wire.  

rife frequency amplifier

The amplifier can be bundled with the software and hardware at the top of the page.   If you have a small stereo amplifier there is no need to bundle this with your order.

Help Me Decide Which Rife Machine Software Generator to Purchase

Do you have a computer?  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8 or 10?  The next step is to get some software that generates square wave frequencies.  The Basic, Deluxe or Premium package will all generate the same frequencies.

1.  Choose the Basic Package if you do not want the over 700 scripts and only need the software on one computer.

2.  Choose the Deluxe Package if you want the over 700 scripts and only need the software on one computer.

3.  Choose the Premium Package if you want the over 700 scripts and to have the option to install the software on up to 4 computers.

Sound therapy users do not need the amplifier or hardware. Sound therapy is listening to or making contact with the speaker for the vibrations to be felt. 

For those who want to really feel the frequency vibration, you will need an amplifier and some hardware.  

If you are low on funds a few speaker wires and some copper tubes could save you some money. 

 This cart is very user friendly to accommodate exactly what you want, just click the item to add or remove it from the cart.  Click to add or click to remove an item and the total will adjust automatically.

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