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Thrush Treatment Alternative Help for Men & Women

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Thrush treatment for men and women is common around the world and there are 74,000 searches per month for men in the U.S. alone.    Yeast infection, also known as candidiasis is more common in women, however men also get yeast infections.  Thrush can  be triggered from different factors, including illness, pregnancy, medications, smoking, or dentures. (Also, called oropharyngeal candidiasis)

How would you like to have a guarantee?    Here it is, we will give back the entire amount of what you spend if you are not happy for any reason in the first 20 days after receiving this frequency device. 

Did you know there is a little know Thrush treatment for men and women that can be performed at home.  This home treatment has been around about 80 years; however, the medical profession originally suppressed this new claimed cure for all kinds of diseases from cancer to aids.  Now, you can have this device in your own home for a very small cost, but first let me tell you more about Rife Machine Frequency Therapy.

Royal Rife Invented the Rife Machine Frequency Generator, What Happened to Him?  It’s ironic that Royal Rife was run out of business and his laboratory destroyed by fire where researchers were on the verge of announcing an astonishing success using the Beam Ray.   In 1944, all of his records at USC disappeared.  There are many stories from individuals who used Royal Rife’s frequency Rife Machine and how they were cured. 

Today it is being used in all kinds of medical devices including implant devices for people with severe pain.  It is used widely today on all kinds of viruses’ and diseases.  Hospitals and clinics around the world use all kinds of frequency devices that can be acredited to Royal Rife technology.

Rife devices are implanted in humans today for treating nerve pain and back pain.  Its not called a rife machine, however it puts out frequencies just liked a rife device.   This implanted rife device is called a spinal cord stimulator that sends low levels of electrical frequencies into the spinal cord.  The frequency signals cut off messages to the brain that you are in pain.   

What You Will Need To Use The Rife Frequency Software

I started using the rife machine back in 1996 and since then have used it on myself for many illnesses.  It took only 10 minutes to download the  frequency generator on my computer and have been hooked ever since.   I could not afford to buy special electrodes and wiring, but that did not stop me.  The list of things below can be ordered on one package or same money by collection a few things on your own.   After you install our software the frequencies can be played through the computer speaker output.  (see illustration below for stereo wire that hooks to your computer)

1.  The rife frequency software works on Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10 Desktop or Laptop.  Also works on a Mac Computer provided you complete the steps in this link….Click Here for Mac Users.

2.  A simple 3.5mm Stereo Wire / 2xRCA-Male.  This connects the computer to your amplifier.  You probably have one that connects your computer to the speakers on your desktop or laptop.

3.  Some speaker wire with clips.  It will be used to connect the amplifier to your to the electrodes.  If you don’t have electrodes just copper water pipe will serve the purpose.  One end of the speaker wire will connect to the output on your amplifier and the other end connects to the electrodes.

4.  An amplifier that outputs about 75w to 180w, anything over 150w is ok it just needs the volume control turned way down.  Just about any kind of amplifier will work including a guitar amplifier, stereo amplifier or karaoke amplifier.   Most amps have an input as illustrated in the picture below.  Please note the in the illustration the electrodes are hooked to the output for one speaker.  Do not hook the electrodes up to separate speaker outputs on the amp, it will not work.  If your amplifier runs two speakers, then you can hook up four electrodes.

No worries if you don’t have the wiring and amplifier, because you can order everything in one package.  Click on the link below that says Deluxe (one computer) or Premium (run our software on up to 4 computers) Both the Deluxe and Premium packages come with over 700 scripts with one of those scripts for Yeast infection treatment: 

Thrush Treatment, general (also see Candida. Use Parasites general, roundworm, and ascaris if no lasting relief) – 72, 254, 375, 522, 876, 987, 414, 422, 465, 582, 787, 1016, 2222.  Click Here to see a complete list of frequencies

rife hardware setup

Select the Deluxe Package for one computer and select the Premium Package for up to 4 four computers.  You will also be able to add the hardware and amplifier if needed after you select options.

Rife Frequencies for Influenza Virus

Influenza virus rife frequencies

Influenza- mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful.  See also influenza, Grippe and Influenza, Virus (use square wave)  10000, 1050, 3040, 440, 3673, 7766, 7344, 1234, 5000, 728, 7270, 784, 7870, 1600, 2720, 2498, 2170, 885, 1550, 1500, 2008, 20080, 304, 800, 8020, 880, 8450, 7760, 2128, 21275, 20, 1800, 440, 512, 683, 2050, 803, 8300, 776, 7660, 690, 8000, 850, 875

See Complete List of Frequencies…